We as a cloud tech company focus on delivering business solutions that increase productivity, lower costs, minimize risks and drive growth. We believe that speed, proficiency and consistency are three drivers every business owner must have to succeed.

Our endeavour is developing integrated technology solutions for business owners to maximize their overall output.

Our tailored offering approach to customers unique needs and business objectives helps our clients to focus on driving their business while we manage and optimize the technology that supports it.


Our cloud experts take responsibility of monitoring and maximizing efficiency in the use of one or more private or public clouds in your organization. We use your preferred cloud management platforms to manage cloud usage. Our cloud management team supports IT managers to move workloads through different clouds and manage the cost of cloud resources.

  • Cloud data management: Backing up data in the cloud is often part of a disaster recovery strategy. Our teams automate this process with cloud management tools.
  • Cloud content management: As per our experience, using different clouds to host content that has different requirements for accessibility can save costs when rarely needed archived content is stored in a low-cost cloud with higher latency.
  • Cloud application management: Our team helps you to monitor the use of cloud-native applications and easily scale up processing or storage resources when necessary.

Our administrators are able to see where users and cloud configurations are out of compliance with corporate cloud use policies and guidelines, and ensure that any issues are quickly addressed via set escalation matrices.

Benefit from Oriata's Expertise

Monitoring cloud computing metrics to make smart business decisions requires a specialized skill set. Cloud management tools are useless without someone who knows how to use them effectively. Trust Oriata’s teams to deliver business value.

our services

Cloud Migration

Oriata provides cloud migration services to identify further opportunities for your organization to evolve. Our smarter way to migrate, helps reduce the cost

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Cloud Management

Our set of tools, cloud data and analytics allows you to gain deep operational insights so that we can optimize your cloud journey.

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Cloud Consulting

The Oriata cloud consulting team can guide you along your cloud journey, be it single or multi-cloud, hybrid cloud or fully cloud-native requirement

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Cloud Security

Secure your cloud by design, break out of the technology silos and start thinking about cloud migration and security together for a wholistic and stable cloud environment.

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App Modernization

At Oriata, we believe in working closely with organizations to adopt the right cloud applications, mindsets and DevOps practices to become truly cloud-native.

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Data Centre Consulting

We are here to help you calibrate the IOT, Digital adoption and provide Eco System of Partners to drive innovation, operational efficiencies and revenue streams with IOT.

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We Believe “There’s a “U” in sUccess”

We are cloud born tech company. We nurture and advance the skill sets of all team members, helping everyone grow. Our endeavour is to provide an environment that promotes teamwork for everyone.
If you think this is the place for you, please send your resume to resume@oriata.tech
If your skills and expertise fit a need, we will contact you.

our mission

Providing our employees and our clients with great experiences in the Cloud technology. In pursuit we dedicated our company and its resources to bring honesty and trust to everything we do.

our vision

To be a leader and preferred partner in providing Multi/Hybrid Cloud Solutions.


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